Our Services
AMPS Strategies provides a comprehensive set of services to support the acquisition and management of complex systems throughout their lifecycle. We provide expertise in all acquisition areas including
  • Acquisition Program Management
  • Business, Cost, and Financial Management
  • Large-scale Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Production Sustainment and Readiness
  • Logistics
We have the people, processes, and tools to help effectively meet the challenges facing any acquisition program.  We know how important good people are to the success of any acquisition program. To successfully augment the client's staff with high quality, highly trained, and highly motivated people, AMPS Strategies employs a number of innovative personnel selection and training enhancment processes.  As a result, our staff has
  • Breadth and depth to support the entire spectrum of acquisition management
  • Extensive expertise with all services and with Joint programs
  • Full proficiency with state-of-the art tools that can decrease time and resources spent and predict problems before they occur

AMPS Strategies' employee resources enable us to provide the right support for the specific needs of technology development programs who have a need to perform quickly.

We are developing an integrated set of processes to implement the goals of world class practices like the evolving CMMI (Capability Maturity Model® Integration) Acquisition Model, the model that will soon transform the Defense acquisition community.

Building on best practices extracted from the CMMI framework, our methodology will define effective and efficient practices specifically for government and industry development organizations. These best practices will provide a foundation for acquisition process discipline and rigor that will enable product and service development to be repeatedly executed with high levels of ultimate acquisition success.

AMPS Strategies' leadership in detailing the its best practices model can play a vital role in helping any program adopt the commercial best practes and, in so doing help the program achieve the ultimate objective—getting high quality, state-of-the art systems to the user community as soon as possible.

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